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Planet Funk N - Royalty Free Music

Royalty free music coming soon exclusively to Audiojungle!

This item is simply one of the juiciest pieces of 70s horn funk you will ever hear. It’s got everything you would hope to hear in an old school funk track. Battling rhythm guitars? Check. Funky, tight drums? Check. More cowbell? Of course. Groovin’ horns? Double check. And, of course, the foundation of a funk track, a great bass groove. Planet Funk N is one tasty party animal.

Prism Dance

by Chasing Andromeda

Prism Dance

I have been very lax about linking to my FAWM tracks this year and I am really not sure why.  This was the first year that I was a winner, having written 15 tracks in the month of February.  I also posted a couple of podcasts of electronic music written by other FAWMers during February.

This is the first track from this year, the first of several funky tracks.  This has some Jan Hammer-ish elements to it and is easy to dance to.  I’ll give it a 93.